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Child dies after being denied Medicaid (even though he qualified)

A Denver mother whose son died after she was unable to fill his multiple prescriptions because pharmacists kept telling her he was not eligible for Medicaid — even though records proved he was — has filed a lawsuit against the city and county of Denver.

Zuton Lucero-Mills said she called Denver County Human Services several times a week in the spring and summer of 2009 after she tried to get 9-year-old son Zumante’s asthma medications at Walgreens and was told he wasn’t eligible for Medicaid.

No one resolved the computer glitch. Most of Lucero-Mills’ calls weren’t returned.

Her son’s asthma worsened after several months of being off the anti-inflammatory drug Advair, which kept the disease manageable.

The boy died in July 2009. He fainted at his home after telling his mother he couldn’t breathe and then died a few days later at Children’s Hospital when he was taken off a ventilator.

A few months back I got into a discussion with one of the libertarians on tumblr. “What if [SCHIP and medicaid] were never passed and those programmes were never created?,” they smugly asked, “How sad the parade of tiny coffins must have been.” They said this without irony or malice: people don’t seem to understand that the direct result of not having a provider to pay for this kind of care did, does and will in the future lead to dead children. Cutting benefits can kill.

Of course that’s a moot point in this case: he was entitled to benefits, and was still denied them. I truly hope this woman wins the lawsuit. It won’t bring her boy back, but it will help prevent it from happening again.

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    it won’t be perfect, far from it, but 1/1/2014, when Medicaid expansion and private market affordable health insurance...
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    There are no words. Except that we live in a nation of cold-hearted capitalist KILLERS.
  11. progressive-insanities said: Shouldn’t everyone be entitled to benefits? How can you stand living around a privatized medical system? I would go ballistic at the direct lack of compassion.
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