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The most ironic thing about this video is the Fox anchors are shouting that Media Matters is receiving government funding for it’s work (which they aren’t) while Fox is receiving government money through manipulation of the tax code. At 4:26 they have a “psychiatrist” psycho-analyze David Brock (founder of Media Matters) and he concludes that Mr. Brock is a “very dangerous man” who “projects self hatred… onto the world around him”. This is what a smear campaign looks like.

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    First off psychiatrists are not supposed to give diagnosis without in depth study of and with the subject. Just saying.
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    And when you’re out there Without care Yeah, I was out of touch But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough I just knew...
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  13. freemarketliberal said: Oh, at first I didn’t catch the montage format. Never mind. It was just a snippet. I shouldn’t conclude whether or not that was promoting the “other.” But, it definitely appears to have been, despite the abrupt cut-off.
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    Anyone that thinks Fox isn’t a complete and utter joke, here’s more proof.
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