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The attacks on Media Matters by Fox are completely┬áhypocritical. Steve Doocy brings Jordan Sekulow (introduced as the director of the American Center for Law and Justice) on the air to lie explain that 503(c) nonprofits “can’t be partisan,” can’t be an “arm of the Democrat [sic] party” and are violating the law by doing so. Of course, they aren’t an arm of the Democratic party and (setting aside the irony of Fox calling another group a political actor) Mr. Sekulow has often called himself partisan- even though his group is also a 503(c). Fox continues to lie about Media Matters and rabble rouse a phony outrage over it’s nonprofit status, while ignoring a myriad of groups that are exactly the same, but conservative.

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  2. thepoliticalfreakshow said: GOP 501(c) Nonprofits: Media Research Council, The Heritage Foundation, The Center For the Strategic and International Studies, American Enterprise Institute, Cato Institute, Center for Immigration Studies I could go on all night listing them!
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    About the American Center for Law and Justice - a non-profit organization: Founded by Pat Robertson, the American Center...
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    Exactly. I mentioned something about this maybe a week or two or three back [UPDATE: I went and dug it up]: It behooves...
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