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False Equivalencies


Every time I see someone make some variation on this point, I’m reminded why I don’t pay much attention to a lot of things that are written about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:



Fun Fact: more Palestinians were killed in Gaza yesterday than Israelis have been killed by projectile fire from Gaza in the past three years.

A little persepctive [sic] for you all.

When you write that the number of casualties is uneven, you’re either saying, “The Israeli military has better weapons technology than Hamas,” which is so obvious as to be perfectly uninteresting … or else you’re saying, “I wish Hamas was better able to kill Israelis so this conflict would be more ‘fair,’” which is to actively wish for more civilian deaths.

Why not simply write, “There must be a way for these groups of people to stop murdering each other,” and then think about how to best help effect change?

Because it’s not a war, Ari. It’s a genocide. Pretending the casualties (especially civilian casualties) and armaments of each side are irrelevant is complicity in the genocide of Palestinians. The fact- the verifiable, undeniable fact- that Israel purposefully targeted civilian structures for destruction, purposefully limited food and medicine to civilian population, and kill Palestinian civilians with a regularity that is no where near comparable to the Palestinians barely organized rocket attacks that harm a minuscule fraction of the people that Israeli fired, US made bombs do. Pretending the two are a moral equivalent is roughly the same as pretending someone who threw a hand grenade and someone who dropped a nuclear weapon have the same moral weight to their actions.

To answer your question, we already know how these groups of people can stop murdering each other, and it starts with the government in the area that has most of the weapons (certainly all the effective ones), the government that continues to expand it’s borders, the government that limits food and vital resources of it’s opposition. Pretending the Palestinians could do anything to end the conflict is absurd, revisionist, and is complicit with the genocide that you’re waving away as “perfectly uninteresting”.

Maybe you should consider starting to pay attention to more things that are written about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, so that you don’t gloss over the obvious- Israel is the only entity with the power to stop the tide of Palestinian civilian casualties.

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