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In 2011 Daniel Tosh Aired an Actual Rape on his Show




After finding out this happened, I was really on the fence about posting it. It’s a disturbing video, from what I’ve heard. I haven’t watched the whole thing because discriptions from friends has been enough. Make no mistake, this is an actual rape happening. Tosh and Comedy Central thought it was funny enough to put on the air and make fun of. 

Please if you haven’t yet, sign the petition to get this man off television. He is a disgusting vile rape apologist and deserves absolutely nothing.  

Viacom, the owners of Comedy Central also has a contact page. Please contact them and let them know how disgusting this is.


Dear lord baby jesus I want to cry.

Earlier this year, Daniel Tosh actively encouraged his viewers to touch women’s stomachs without consent, and then aired a clip where he touches a coworker who looks incredibly uncomfortable and asks him “don’t touch ever touch my tummy”. Then he calls for all his viewers to do the same and says “be careful, because they pretend they don’t love it”.

Let me type that again: “be careful, because they pretend they don’t love it”. He assaults women to make a joke, airs a full on rape to get a cheap laugh, and threatens hecklers with rape when they can’t tolerate his nonsense.

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    “The line between prank and rape is pretty blurry right now.” No, it really isn’t.
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    He is a fucking asshole.
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    This guy is a fucking ass. I’m tired of hearing about him.
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    what the hell is wrong with this man?