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Israel Orders 1,000 Palestinian Trees Uprooted

Israel said Monday it has ordered Palestinian villagers to uproot 1,000 olive trees planted in an area of the West Bank under Israeli control and declared a nature reserve.

Israel’s Civil Administration, the military body that governs areas of the West Bank under full Israeli control, confirmed the issue of the order, which was first reported by Israeli daily Haaretz on Monday.

“These are trees that were planted in a nature reserve without coordination with the official for the area, as is required by law,” the body said in a statement to AFP.

“The owners have the opportunity to present their objections and arguments to officials from the civil administration,” it added.

The trees in question are in the Nahal Kana reserve, an area west of the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank, which Haaretz said includes large tracts of privately owned Palestinian land.

Farmers there told the newspaper that the order violates their rights to the land, and said they would challenge it in court.

Haaretz said the Civil Administration uprooted hundreds of Palestinian trees in the same nature reserve last year.

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    let’s wipe away every ounce of a culture/ symbol the palestinians love and revere…lets do it as quickly as possible my...
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    Yes, it is awful. BUT you can’t judge without knowing what is really going on. I agree this is stupid and wrong BUT...
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    the fuck Israelis, please get your government under control because this is so fucking awful.
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