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Happy (former) Palestinian Land Day!

Juan Cole reveals that the Israeli government is proceeding with several programs to take more land from people already living on it, and giving it to Israeli settlers. 

It has just come out that the Israeli military has earmarked ten percent of the land in the Occupied West bank for Israeli settlements. In addition, the Israeli government is moving forward with an outrageous plan that will mean the expulsion of tens of thousands of Bedouin citizens in the Negev desert. The context is the warning issued by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a 2010 government meeting that a Negev “without a Jewish majority” would pose “a palpable threat”.

You won’t be told about this by television news, your elected representatives, or the US State Department (in fact, when asked about the Negev displacement plan they dismissed it as an “internal Israeli matter”). But this is the inconvenient truth that prompted the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to recently issue what according to one expert was the most cutting “condemnation of a legal system of segregation since apartheid South Africa”. That is why Land Day, beginning with the struggle for the land, is now marked all over the world as the movement for decolonisation and equality in Palestine/Israel gains momentum.

I get the sense that this is a deliberate antagonization of people in the West Bank in an attempt to get a response they can use as justification for escalating their military presence. My heart goes out to the displaced and disenfranchised of the West Bank.

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    me: At what point does this [the ethnic cleansing via “settlements”] end? when it’s all settled so when the Solution is...
  4. hungryghoast said: keep this story on hand for next time a rocket is fired from Palestine and assholes act shocked that this happens.
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    israel is a growing country, and they need the land more than the sub-human palestinians do.
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