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I stopped by Occupy Denver yesterday to drop off some stuff- given it was still snowing and how cold it was outside, Marie and I figured they could use some stuff (a tent, blankets, sleeping bag, a jacket). Everyone there was super friendly, but there was an air of anxiety around that told me they knew what was coming. The gentleman I handed my tent to laughed when I brought it out and said, “someone’s getting arrested tonight”. What struck me most was that even though everything was covered in snow and the people were freezing, they took the time to neatly arrange the trash to be easily disposed of. In subzero temperatures and with the city sending goons to destroy their property and arrest them for public assembly, they still made keeping the community neat a priority. What awesome people.

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  5. bandersnatchin said: jesse and i brought a sleeping bag, blankets, a tarp, hats/scarves/gloves/socks and handwarmers the night before. we figured those would help and not get tossed. do you know if the igloo got smashed? i haven’t seen anything on that yet.
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